Carl's debut solo album was originally released in 1972 on vinyl and cassette by RCA records. Produced by Don Paul, and utilising four different arrangers, it marks a definite departure from Carl's recordings with the Move. Varied  adventurous, and demonstrating the full range of his maturing voice, it  includes backing vocals from the legendary Dusty Springfield among others.

Original Tracklisting:

Sunday Kind Of Love / I Heard the Voice of Jesus / Rosanna / I Scare Myself / Long Long Time / Jubilee Cloud /

On Broadway / Magic Day / Till I Can't Take It Anymore / I'll Be Going Back Home / Take My Hand For A While / Spirit In The Sky


A couple of non-album singles were recorded; "Imagine", publicised by this advertisement, and Carl's debut solo single "Maybe God's Got Something Up His Sleeve", which was slightly riskier. (See Archive Reviews for an opinion of the time)

The single, despite its originality, lacked the necessary promotion and failed to chart. However, coupled with the album, it marked some important milestones; the start of Carl's solo career, his brave exploration of  diverse material, a new confidence and a compulsion to display an amazing vocal range which was never fully realised during the Move years. All of this is illustrated in a ground-breaking  interview he gave in February 1970. Click here

Carl signs the record deal.

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