"Carl Wayne" originally attracted the following review by Derek Johnson, which appeared in the March 1972 edition of  Melody Maker:

"Wayne gave up the security of lead singer with The Move after seven big hits "in order to prove something to himself". He's well-succeeded and in fact its difficult to realise this is the same man featured on those conveyor-belt Move singles. A new assurance and maturity has developed. Even the vocal timbre seems changed. Four different arrangers were employed and a few of the cuts, among them "Sunday Kind Of Love" and on "On Broadway", will be familiar. The majority are either originals or little known.

For me, a varied and absorbing programme supremely well-handled by this interesting new solo potential."


Carl Wayne: A Touch Of The Salvationist

Carl Wayne - Maybe God's Got Something Up His Sleeve (RCA)

"An unexpected solo debut from the former Move star. It's a thought-provoking ballad, which catalogues all the troubles in the world today, and then reflects on the possibility that God knows exactly what He's doing.

Opens very quietly with (would you believe?) a recitation by Carl - but when he's joined by a vocal group and tambourine in the chorus, it sounds a bit like a Salvationist meeting! The routine becomes rather more soulful towards the latter stages.

It's quite a catchy chorus - though I can never quite make up my mind whether, from the fans' viewpoint, religious connotations are appealing or off-putting.

An enterprising disc by Carl, but one which will need extensive exploitation if it is to get anywhere."

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